UN’s resolution against Myanmar focuses on global arms embargo

On Friday, UN General Assembly adopted a resolution titled “Situation in Myanmar” where the intergovernmental organization aimed to focus on the present democratic crisis that Myanmar is going through. The resolution strongly condemns the worsening crackdown on peaceful protesters and civil society, calling for the immediate and unconditional release of arbitrary detainees and an end to restrictions on freedom of expression.

It was initiated by a core group of member states including the US, EU, UK, and Canada among others. The core group made a final decision by consulting with ASEAN who had a recent summit with Myanmar’s present De Facto in April.

The “Situation in Myanmar” resolution was passed by 119 votes, 1 against and 36 abstentions.

Senior UN Advocate for Amnesty International, Lawrence Moss said, “The Myanmar military must immediately meet these calls, and the UN Security Council must act to enforce them.

All countries should heed the resolution’s call to prevent the flow of arms into Myanmar, and the Security Council should immediately make this mandatory by imposing a comprehensive global arms embargo on Myanmar.”

Whereas, Bangladesh, the host community of Rohingya refugee who abstained from voting expressed deep disappointment which it said – “the resolution failed to adequately reflect on the Rohingya crisis and in recommending any action to resolve that crisis”.



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