October 31, 2016

Eleven women crossing into Bangladesh territory on Monday have been intercepted by the paramilitary border guards of the country known as Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB).

One of them have however managed to escape as the BGB tried to intercept her. The ten others have been taken to custody.

The women crossed the Naaf river in to Neela in Bangladesh using water carriers as a floating device.

In recent weeks, a spree of rape and sexual abuse by security forces have made Muslim women vulnerable. Some of the worst victims in the recent crackdown have been women, and many are looking for a chance to leave their homeland and migrate to Bangladesh territory.

However, Bangladesh has staunchly stood beside the Myanmar regime and has led full support to the crackdown. On the other hand, the border has been shut down and all Rohingyas are forbidden to enter the country’s territory. However in some instances, Bangladeshi Rakhines allied to Buddhist nationalists have been allowed to travel to the other side.

There are concerns the arrested women will be handed over to the Hlun Htein. Earlier Bangladesh handed over two Rohingya Muslim men who were injured by Tatmadaw firing. The two men were then tortured and reportedly killed by the Tatmadaw.

However, local sources say the arrested women have been well treated in BGB custody. They have been provided with food and clothing and BGB personal have been well behaved with them.bd