On Tuesday, 138 Rohingyas drowned along with a trawler while crossing the Bay of Bengal. They have undertaken another perilous boat journey for Malaysia. The report says, at least 15 women and children drowned and more than 50 others were missing. The trawler was only 40 feet long and was packed with Rohingyas. 71 people have been rescued including 46 women. Among the dead, 11 were women and the rest children.

According to the coast guard Hamidul Islam, “It sank because of overloading. The boat was meant to carry a maximum 50 people. The boat was also loaded with some cargo.” As the survivors described, the boat’s keel hit an undersea coral in Saint Martin’s shallow water, Bangladesh’s southernmost territory, before it sank,

Bangladesh coast guard commander Sohel Rana said three survivors, including a Bangladeshi, were detained over human trafficking allegations.