A local terrorist Rubel injures a refugee elder with a bullet

On January 10, 2022, in the afternoon a refugee elder got a serious wound in his left leg while Rubel, an active local leader shot a bullet indiscriminately toward crowded people.

According to a local source, Rubel (22) son of Abdul Gafur of west Hleda in Teknaf who claims himself as a member of law enforcement agencies harassed a refugee woman multiple times at camp 24. He has shot randomly toward the refugees who have tried to save the women from him.

Nur Mohammed a refugee elder got seriously hurt in his left knee by the bullet of Rubel. The nearby refugees rushed Nur Mohammed to IOM hospital in critical condition who was latterly referred to Cox’s Bazar Sadar hospital for adequate treatment.

The refugees of camp 24 are in a state of panic as Rubel along with his terrorist group can re-attack at any time.

The refugee elites demand the immediate arrest of Rubel before further deterioration of the camp condition.