A Rakhine woman raped by Myanmar military

A Rakhine woman (36) from Uga village in Rathedaung said that she has been raped by Tatmadaw (Myanmar Military) while they attacked her village on 30th June around 7 p.m.

The victim filed a complaint at the police station after a week when she recovered from her trauma. She said, “They took me to their place saying that they had things to question me about. There, they said they had suspicions about me. I asked what it was about. They told me that I had two options: they said they would shoot me as a rebel if I flee, and the second option was that I had to give my body.” She further claimed, “as I attempted to flee, two soldiers held me, threatened me with knives and guns, and raped me one after another.”

On 2nd June, the Myanmar military’s Tatmadaw True News Information Team issued a statement denying the alleged rape. In 2017, unlike this woman, thousands of Rohingya women were gang-raped and killed or burnt to ashes. Till now the Rohingyas are traumatised from the Tatmadaw’s genocidal and barbaric assaults. These Rohingya victims did not see the light of justice until today.