Another fire broke out in a Rohingya camp of Ukhiya in a space of a week

On 18 January 2022 (Tuesday) at around 2 am suddenly fire broke out in main block B, sub-block B3 and D2 under the Iranian Mountain police camp of camp-5, where 29 sheds have been burnt to ashes, according to the superintendent of Armed Police Battalion Naimul Hoque.

“The fire service unit brought the fire under control. No casualties have been reported yet. Law enforcement agencies are working to find out why the fire started”, Naimul added.

Chronology of previous fires in the camp:

  • On the night of March 22 last year, many houses were burnt down in a terrible fire in Camps 8 and 9 of Ukhia, 15 Rohingyas died.
  • On January 2, a fire engulfed the Corona Hospital run by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) at Camp Balukhali 20 and several nearby settlements.
  • On the afternoon of January 9 at the Shafiullah Kata Rohingya camp No. 17 in Ukhia, where about 600 sheds have been burnt to ashes.

The summary of the fire incident at camp 05:
Date of incident: 18.01.2022
Time of incident: 01.45 AM

Location :
Sub Block-B3,D2,D3
Sub Majhi-Zahid Husein,MD Husein and Arifullah

Casualties :
Death -0
Injured -00(male -0,female -0)

Damage :
Fully damaged Shelter -25
Partially damaged shelter-2
Facilities damaged-1

Source of fire: Unknown
Immediate Response : SMS,Safety unit and other Organisations volunteers with communities able to extinguished to the fire by using water and extinguishers.

Affected HHs Details
Total Shelter damaged-27
Total HHs/families- 26
Total Individuals -136
Female -74