ASEAN leaked report: Rohingyas are in the vulnerable state again

A special report of the Southeast Asian bloc’s “Emergency Response and Assessment Team” (ASEAN-ERAT) regarding the Rohingya repatriation was leaked yesterday.

The report has left observers dubious, as it predicted that half a million Rohingya refugees will return to Myanmar in the coming two years, ignoring the ongoing crimes against humanity toward the Rohingyas and the civil war in Rakhine state between Arakan army (AA) and the Myanmar military. The report has also disgracefully failed to mention the Rohingya by their ethnic name.

Post-2017, about 740,000 Rohingyas have taken shelter in the overcrowded refugee camps of Bangladesh, in addition to those Rohingyas who have taken shelter after the 2012 massacre. The current Rohingya refugees in the Cox’s Bazar district camps is totaled to 1.2 million people. Additionally, until now, there are Rohingyas fleeing from Myanmar for lack of rights and safety in small groups.

Arakan Rohingya Society for Peace and Human Rights (ARSPH) in protest to the report has questioned the world, “After the repatriation process who will come to rescue Rohingyas again from Myanmar military who was convicted in genocide ?”

ARSPH has also said that only Rohingyas speaks for themselves and knows what is best for themselves and demanded that there should not be any repatriation without consultation with the Rohingyas