At least 14 criminal groups active in the Rohingya refugee camp

Recently, crime rates are at a peak in the Rohingya refugee camps of Bangladesh. According to a camp source, about 14 criminal groups are currently active in the camps where the offenders are hiding amidst the refugees and using walkie talkies to avoid official tracing.

Commander of APBN – 14, Md Naimul Haque, confirmed that the criminals do rely on alternate networks to stay under the radar. He said this makes getting information about future attacks more challenging for the law enforcers.

Refugee Relief and Repatriation Commissioner, Shah Rezwan Hayat said, he has received information that criminals in the Rohingya camps were also using Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) sim cards.

Earlier on 4th July, a Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) team arrested two Rohingya youths for carrying eight illegal walkie-talkies in Cox’s Bazar. They confessed the walkie talkies were being taken to the camps to use in criminal activities.

In the later months, more illegal walkie talkies were confiscated during various raids in the Rohingya camps. Police said they were investigating the source of supply of those walkie talkies.

According to District Police, in 49 months, at least 234 people were killed in the Rohingya camps. Some 1,301 cases were registered against around 2,945 Rohingyas.