Bangladesh urged the international community to prioritise Rohingya repatriation

On Monday, HE Nazmul Quaunine, Bangladesh’s ambassador to Thailand, said, “The pandemic has hampered delegation visits and sparked fears amongst Rohingya of the virus outbreak inside refugee camps at Cox’s Bazar.”

He said to the Bangkok Post in a recent interview, “If it happens, it will be a serious situation. Our government has given all kinds of support in terms of food and security. But the negative consequences of not resolving the issue are still here, such as women trafficking, abuse of children, and drug problems.”

He also urged the international community, including Thailand, to highlight the Rohingya repatriation process given that not a single group of the Rohingya has returned to Myanmar. In addition, the Ambassador underscored that the stakeholders should create confidence and guarantee Rohingya’s basic rights.

Upcoming 25th August will mark the 3rd anniversary of the Rohingya genocide.