Chinese delegation offered two proposals for a possible third repatriation?

Earlier, an eight member delegation led by the Chinese ambassador Li Jiming arrived in Cox’s Bazar on a three-day visit. The delegation members visited various refugee camps and border points also known as No Man’s land where they met Rohingyas.

After the recent repatriation failure, the Chinese officials offered two new proposals

Chinese Ambassador Li Jiming told the media that, China will do whatever is necessary. The Chinese envoy made the statement on Monday while visiting the Rohingya refugee camps on the second day of his tour in Cox’s Bazar.

“I am new to Bangladesh. We are holding talks with officials of the Bangladesh government and Rohingya refugees and are trying to understand the problem. A quick and effective resolution is possible to help resolve the situation,” said Li Jiming. 

The entire team visited Shalbagan camp in Teknaf and later took a tour of the Nayapara’s Mosuni camp where they exchanged their views with 20 Rohingya men and women including the leaders representing the ethnic  community.

During the conversation, the Chinese delegation reassured the Rohingya refugees that they will help to facilitate smooth and safe repatriation.
Followingly, the Rohingya leaders Gura Mia and Mohammad Jasim said that the Chinese delegation has listened to their demands and in return ambassador Li Jiming offered refugees two very specific proposals.

The first proposal – Every members of a selected Rohingya team will receive two mobile phone hand-sets. During their repatriation process while returning to Myanmar each Rohingya person will carry one mobile hand-set and leave the other one with his/her family in the camps in Cox’s Bazar. If the individual  determine that the situation is favorable in Rakhine state, they would call their families in Cox’s Bazar to return to their homeland. 

The second proposal – On the other way round, another Rohingya group would take a tour to their home in Rakhine state, and see for themselves the situation there. If they realize a better situation in Rakhine state, they would come back and take their families back to Myanmar.

Rohingya representatives have agreed and expressed their willingness for another repatriation attempt In they are being granted with citizenship.