JEREMY CORBYN led a Parliamentary debate on Tuesday in which he urged the British government to “scale up” its efforts to help the Rohingya refugees.

The ex-Labour leader called on the British administration to avoid British companies from trading with companies in Myanmar that are “connected with the armed in any way.”

He described the devastating predicament of more than 1.5 million Rohingya refugees residing in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Malaysia.

The MP said that four years after the Myanmar military unleashed rape, murder, torture and burning of villages against Rohingya civilians “there is still much more to be done by international governments.”

More than a million Rohingya live in Cox’s Bazar camp in Bangladesh, the world’s largest refugee settlement, which has a population density of 40,000 people per square kilometre.

Mr Corbyn added that around 30 per cent of children in the camp were suffering from malnutrition, 11 per cent from acute malnutrition, and women and girls were at high risk of sexual violence.