Eleven Rohingya refugees fled Bhasanchar; detained at Kutupalong camp

On Friday afternoon the APBN-14 arrested eleven Rohingya refugees from the house of Ismail of Modursara camp-3 who allegedly escaped Bhasanchar.

The detainees are:

  1. Ayat Ullah (42) Address-Block No. D-3, Camp No. 3, of Ukhia, Cox’s Bazar, Address of Bhasanchar-Cluster No. 54, House No.-14, Sub Majhi Mostaq,
  2. His wife Minara Begum, (36)
  3. Dil Khayaz (18),
  4. Imtiaz Bibi (9),
  5. Arfa (3),
  6. Ayesha Siddique (4 months)
  7. Jiyabat (14),
  8. Deen Mohammad (26),
  9. Samsun Nahar,
  10. Mokarma (4),
  11. Rokia Bibi (2)

14-APBN commander Naimul Hoque confirmed that they arrested the eleven Rohingya who took refuge to their relatives after fleeing Bhasanchar.

In interrogation, the detainees said they were taken to Bhasanchar on 3rd February 2021. After few days some of them became ill who didn’t get enough treatment. They also added that many of the refugees at Bhasanchar died due to a lack of proper treatment. They have no chance to work. They had to have what is distributed to them.

The arrestees have been sent to the CIC office of camp-3 to take further action against them.