Recently, an innovative kind of latrines designed for pregnant women in Rohingya refugee camps of Bangladesh has been constructed by the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society with support of Danish Red Cross and Oxfam International. With a little less than a change, these latrines were added with an additional handle inside the latrine walls for those in need of additional support and balance when using these squat toilets.

The following organizations came up with two different models – a sturdy bamboo pole installed alongside the squat latrine and the second one added with a strong metal handle positioned on the wall alongside the squatting area in the community safe space facility. (A community facility serves all of the people who receive services in the area.)

Surprisingly, the new handles have a dual purpose- along with pregnant women, elderly men and women expressed that, the handles help them to comfort in using the toilets. Slowly yet significantly Rohingya camps are improving day by day.