On Friday at block G2 of camp 26, the camp authority evacuated some Rohingya refugee families along with two learning centres personnel to safety due to the probability of flooding from the nearby water reservoir.

“On 30/10/2020, at around 10:00 am a camp engineer and other NGO staffs accompanied by camp in charge Mr Hannan came to inspect the water reservoir dam in Nayapara camp”, Sayed Ahmed a refugee stated. Afterwards, about five families were evacuated and two learning centres of CODEC have been relocated as per instruction from the Refugee Relief and Repatriation Commissioner (RRRC). Another refugee elder said that the dam is going through repair.

“The water reservoir was dug about 20 years ago to supply drinking water to the refugees living in Nayapara registered refugee camp. Up to 15,000 refugees are benefited from this drinking water reservoir”, an elder spoke to Rohingya Khobor.

The residents of the reservoir are thankful to the authority for their prompt response and hopeful that the authority will take effective measures to fortify the reservoir.