Rohingya Youth Association organises a free blood diagnosis campaign in the Rohingya Refugee camp.

On 24 June, at around 10 am Rohingya Youth Association organised a free blood diagnosis campaign in camp-4, Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh.

“We, RYA are doing this free blood diagnosis campaign in the Rohingya refugee camps frequently. It’s a very important campaign to save the lives of the Rohingya people in the camps,” said Mr Syedul Mostafa, Director of RYA’s blood management committee.

“Our free blood diagnosis campaign aims to encourage and motivate the Rohingya community to donate blood and on the other hand we are helping the blood donors to identify their blood group,” he added.

The slogan of the RYA free blood diagnosis campaign is, “Your health and well-being is our responsibility.”

Rohingya Youth Association (RYA) is a network formed and run by Rohingya in the camps, that came to Bangladesh from Myanmar in 2017.


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