The sudden halt of construction work in the Rohingya refugee camp creates tension

On Tuesday, some refugees at Nayapara registered refugee camp said to RK that they are in an alarming state due to the sudden halt of their shade construction work.

In last November 2020, the newly shade construction was launched at Nayapara registered refugee camp. The residing refugees of that camp were very happy to see the new shade infrastructure and the rapid construction work.

Hundreds of refugees moved out to pave the way to build new shades on their ground. The refugees were expected to return to the new build sheds before the extreme winter. However, now the construction work is stopped and their sufferings have compounded due to the cold winter and relocation.

“We have been living at Nayapara registered refugee camp since 1991 and during this long duration, we only witnessed twice shade construction/maintenance. Now after a decade, we were happy to see the construction of new shade built with tin. However, the sudden stop of the construction has put uncertainty to our life.”, said Karim Ullah, a local refugee.

“The refugees are appealing to the concerned authority to take effective measures to resume the shade construction as hundreds of refugees are in homelessness condition in this winter”, said a block leader.