Two Rakhine inhumanly beat a 17-year-old Rohingya teenager

Today (16.6.2022) around 1 pm local time Mr Eiman Hasan, aged 17, a Rohingya from Su Li Phat Ran village, Pauktaw township, Arakan was severely beaten by two Rakhine individuals. Mr Hasan was travelling to visit his family from Ah Nok Ye village to Kyin Ni Pyin IDP Camp.

The two Rakhine has tied Mr Hasan up with ropes and mercilessly was beating him. Fortunately, while the Rakhine was beating Mr Hasan, two other Rohingya saw and came for rescue. Seeing the other Rohingya approaching the culprits flew away. The other two Rohingyas carried Mr Hasan to Ah Nok Ye village.

As of reporting this news, Mr Eiman Hason was unconscious and in serious condition struggling with death.

Mr Eiman Hason, s/o U Noor Karim, was working in a house in Ah Nok Ye village, Pauktaw township as a cowboy for the last month. (Note: Su Li Phat Ran, Kan Pyin, Min Thar Pha and Kyin Ni Pyin these four Rohingya villages were completely burned down and destroyed by Rakhine extremists in October 2012 and all Rohingya people from these four villages were resettled by authorities in Kyin Ni Pyin IDP camp, Pauktaw township).


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