Dhaka sends a list of 230,000 Rohingya names to Myanmar for verification

“The Bangladesh government gave a list of 230,000 Rohingyas to Myanmar,” said a foreign ministry official on Monday adding they have handed over lists of a total 830,000 Rohingyas in the last 6 phases.

When he was asked about the list, he said that Myanmar is moving very slowly and as of now, Myanmar officials have just checked 42,000 Rohingyas where they identified 27,000 Rohingyas as Myanmar residents and they said they can not find the names of 13,000 Rohingyas in their database. Further, the official added, “Myanmar also claims that there are 350 terrorists in the list.”

Bangladesh has given shelter to more than a million Rohingyas at various camps of Cox’s Bazar after mass exodus in 2017.

On 23rd November 2017 both Myanmar and Bangladesh reached an agreement for repatriation but so far not a single refugee has agreed to go to Myanmar. The Rohingya refugees, international observers and the United Nations say that Myanmar did not create a secure and sustainable situation for the refugees to return, nor did Myanmar accept them as their citizens.