KSA’s firm support towards Rohingya nation

On Saturday’s UN General Assembly, Saudi Arabia was one of the countires who abstained from voting from the resolution called “Situation in Myanmar” to show its firm support towards the Rohingya minority.

The country’s Minister Plenipotentiary and Chairman of the Fourth Committee of the Kingdom’s permanent delegation to the United Nations, Wajdi Hassan Muharram said in a statement to ensure safety and security of Rohingya Muslims and to recognize their basic rights including the right to have full citizenship during the UN General meeting.

Referring to the KSA’s decision to abstain from voting on the resolution, Muharram said, “The draft resolution omitted some demands and points at the expense of others, by failing to sufficiently and clearly shed light on the humanitarian crisis suffered by the Rohingya Muslim minority and other minorities in Myanmar.”

He also added that, “The delegation of my country calls on Myanmar to assume its responsibility towards the Rohingya Muslim minority and immediately end all acts of violence and all violations of international humanitarian law. We also request that all necessary measures be taken to bring justice to the victims and put an end to impunity for all those involved in violating international humanitarian law.”

KSA been supportive towards Rohingya Muslims throughout the journey. Some 55,000 Rohingya allegedly resides in Saudi Arabia and most of them are illegal immigrants.