Today the Shan community groups launched a video titled “The Four Cuts” that exposes the horror and the systemic manner of Myanmar Army’s atrocity crimes that are prevailing all over the ethnic territories of Myanmar. 

According to the statement, “on December 11, 2019, State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi defended Burma’s military against charges of genocide at the International Court of Justice, saying they were just carrying out “clearance operations” targeting insurgents or terrorists.”

The statement further says, “The video shows the real meaning of “clearance operations” for Shan State inhabitants: brutal scorched earth campaigns – better known as “Four Cuts operations” – which have devastated and depopulated large areas of Shan State.  

In new video testimony, witnesses recount Burma Army atrocities committed during operations which forced about 400,000 people out of 1,800 villages in fifteen townships in central and southern Shan State. Between 1996 and 1998, over 1,000 villagers were killed, and at least 625 women and girls suffered rape and other forms of sexual violence. 

Refugees displaced over twenty years ago still dare not return, and are struggling to survive as migrant workers in Thailand.”

Finally the video producer Sai Khom Khai, “I want to remind the world of the systematic pattern of atrocities that have taken place in Shan State,” and “Unless Burma’s military is brought to justice, these crimes will continue.”

Ironically the recent Myanmar inquiry did not only failed to hold accountable to the whole policy of terror that is systematically executed by the Myanmar Military but mislead the whole world and denied justice not only to the Rohingya but also to all other ethnic groups of Myanmar.

The video can be viewed on: