U Razak, Burma’s Minister of Education was killed today

19 July is observed as the Burmese National holiday to commemorate Gen. Aung San and seven other leaders of the pre-independence interim government, and one bodyguard. They were all assassinated on this day in 1947.

The assassinated were:

  1. Aung San, Prime Minister
  2. Ba Cho, Minister of Information
  3. Mahn Ba Khaing, Minister of Industry and Labor
  4. Ba Win, Minister of Trade
  5. Thakin Mya, Minister Without Portfolio, unofficially considered as Deputy Prime Minister of Burma
  6. Abdul Razak, Minister of Education and National Planning
  7. Sao San Tun, Minister of Hills Regions
  8. Ohn Maung, Secretary of State Transport
  9. Ko Htwe, Razak’s bodyguard

The assassinations were planned by a rival political group, and the leader and alleged mastermind of that group Galon U Saw, together with the perpetrators, were tried and convicted by a special tribunal presided by Kyaw Myint with two other Barristers-at-law, Aung Thar Gyaw and Si Bu. In a judgment given on 30 December 1947 the tribunal sentenced U Saw and a few others to death and the rest were given prison sentences.

U Razak or Abdul Razaq was born in 20 January 1898 and was assassinated in 19 July 1947. He was a Muslim, a Burmese politician, Minister of Education and National Planning, and was chairman of the Burma Muslim Congress.

U Razak initiated calls for unity between Burmese Muslims and Buddhists. He was a Muslim, but maintained ties to Buddhism, educating himself on Pali, the sacred script of Theravada Buddhism, and helped found the Mandalay College (modern Mandalay University). Razak fathered three children.