Alom wants to dedicate his life for the education of his brothers.

Unlike any other teenager, Alom aged 14 wants to explore and learn, play sports and hang around with friends. But the life of poverty and refugee snatched his youthhood and laid before him a path of utter struggle and sacrifice. His father, a day worker, Shobbir Ahammed is the only bread earner for the family of eight. Thus the only way forward to support his family was for him as an older brother is to leave his education and earn.
He has become a hawker selling clothes door to door from dawn till dusk. He earns, on average around, 300tk. Alom works to pay the tuition fees for his sibling Farid who is ten years olds.

Alom proudly said to Rohingya Khobor, “I couldn’t study because of poverty, but Farid will make us proud someday. My life will be in vain if I couldn’t help him to complete his education.”

Alom forgets all his hardship when he looks toward his siblings.