Poverty depriving Muhammed’s dream of further education

This is a story of Muhammed Abdurrahman, a story of a struggling Rohingya student that echos repeatedly in the Rakhine state.

Muhammed Abdurrahman 17 years old, son of Azar Mia from Sittwe has recently passed grade seven examination. His father died seven years back. Ko Khin Mg, one of his relative financed his school cost till last year. However, Ko Khin Mg is not in a position now to support Muhammed due to his downfall in the business.

Now Muhammed is shattered, his dream to become a scientist is vanishing. He said, “I am an orphan and extremely poor. I always wanted to study more. I want to continue grade eight when the lockdown is over. Who will help me?”
He further added that he did not only wanted to be a scientist, but he wanted to become a “super-scientist” so he can research new inventions and help his people and his country to prosper.

While we were leaving him, the words were echoing in our ears,
who will help me?
Who will help me?
Who will help me?

Muhammed’s dwelling place