Press Release
30 th September 2021


We are shocked and outraged by the open assasination of Mohib Ullah , a human rights advocate for Rohingya who was gunned down yesterday 29 th September 2021 at his office at the Kutupalong refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar Bangladesh.

Mohib Ullah was the chief of the Arakan Rohingya Society for Peace and Human Rights (ARSPH).

Our condelence to his surviving wife and children and family members.

We condemn this murder in the strongest term and demand that the perpetrator be apprehended and brought to justice.

The Bangladesh authorities must investigate thoroughly to determine who is the culprit and those complicit with the assasination.

The camps are under full responsibility of the Bangladesh authorities as they are totally under the guardianship of Bangladesh.

The assasination was executed by the assailant in full view of several eye witnesses after he performed the evening prayer. The naked killing , exposes how a crime can be easily committed without fear of apprehension.

The authorities should not delay in taking the appropriate steps to identity the culprit for this heinous crime.

At least one eyewitness of the cold blooded murder was reported to identify the assailant at the office of the ARSPH.

Mohib Ullah is a leading figure for the Rohingya people. He has dedicated his work to raise the plight of the Rohingya to the international community.

The police should have been alerted of the many sustained threats he had been facing and he should have been given the needed protection.

The camp’s security must be looked into seriously to ensure the refugees are protected. The incident may be one of the many killings that are reported to be rampant in the camps.

We call for the investigation to unfold any involvement of outsiders that are working towards provoking violence in the camps.

We urge the local Bangladesh authority to work closely with community leaders amongst the refugees to ensure the situation in the camps are safe. The camps cannot be allowed to be a dent for violent groups to operate.

Organizations for human rights advocacy should be allowed to always be in touch with refugees in demanding their rights for a dignified life.

Mohib Ullah’s voice to alert the international community to end the decades of systemic genocide in Myanmar must be responded with concrete action.

The Rohingyas are still the most persecuted ethnic in the world , however even this alert by the UN has not moved the world to act.

As quoted from Mohib Ullah’s cry for attention ” They burned our houses, took our land, they gang-raped women and girls, and they killed thousands of us. Today, we are branded as “kalar” [a pejorative term in the Burmese language]. They call us “illegal immigrants,” “Bengali,” [and] “Muslim terrorist.” We are not any of this. We are citizens of Myanmar. We are Rohingya. We are not stateless. Stop calling us that. We have a state; it is Myanmar. So, we want to go home to Myanmar with our rights and our citizenship”

While there are numerous cases of genocide and human rights violation are prevailing in Myanmar by the current junta regime , the Rohingyas are still the worst ethnic that are experiencing the brunt of one of the most brutal and tyranical regime .

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President MAPIM

Majlis Perundingan Pertubuhan Islam Malaysia
( Malaysia Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations )
Pejabat / Office Presiden
Tingkat 3 , Space U8 , Bukit Jelutong , Shah Alam Selangor
Mobile +60194744856


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