A Rohingya detainee gives birth in Assam jail

Yesterday, a Rohingya detainee gave birth to a child at Karimganj Civil Hospital, Assam. Rashida Begum (34), gave birth to a girl through C-section after going through a three-day contraction at Karimganj District Jail where she and the rest of her family detained since December.

Rashida, her husband, Muhammad Alam and their three children were detained on 28th December 2020 on the allegation of illegally entering India via Tripura through the Indo-Bangladesh border. Before heading for India, the family used to live in Cox’s Bazar refugee camp.

The Jail Superintendent, Sanjib Kumar Chetia, said that there are 14 Rohingya immigrants detained in the Karimganj District Jail at the moment.

Sanjib also added that, over the years, many other illegal immigrant detainees gave birth to children in jail, but this is the first instance of Cesarean delivery. He said, “As the mother was already pregnant when they were brought here, we took extra care of the mother and all the necessary medical help was provided including prenatal medication.”